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When the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) was created in 1943, it defined the study of international relations at a time of global upheaval. Now is the time to do that again.



In 1943, Paul H. Nitze and Christian Herter founded the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

In the midst of a world war still raging, they could see that the United States would henceforth shape global politics, that the European state system had crashed into ruin, and that the days of the great colonial empires were numbered. They understood the need for a new international economic order. And so they created a school, led by scholars and practitioners of international affairs who understood that new world and would teach the students who would shape it.

Seventy-five years later Johns Hopkins SAIS is now an integral part of a world-class university, has campus locations on three continents, and boasts an exceptional faculty, committed staff, and talented student body.

However, we stand at another watershed.

Today, the arrival of China as a superpower has transformed geopolitics; powerful and accelerating economic, social, environmental and technological forces operate that no state alone can control; and liberal democracy itself is being tested as it has not been in generations.

Our task is not only one of preserving the qualities that have made Johns Hopkins SAIS great, but to adapt and transform the school so that it will remain the premier destination for the study of international affairs. Led by a faculty who understand what awaits, we will again teach our students to shape the world.

The challenges of the next 75 years will be as exciting and as important as those of our past. Join us in rising to them.


Eliot A. Cohen



Impact across the World: A Year of 75th Anniversary Celebrations

In advance of the school celebrating its 75th anniversary, we are hosting a yearlong series of events around the world beginning in the fall of 2018. Programming will touch on issues of great importance in today’s complex global world such as US – China relations, American foreign policy, humanitarian crisis and global security, women’s leadership, and renewable energy. The yearlong celebration culminates with a special 75th Anniversary Shape the World Weekend taking place in Washington, DC October 24th – 26th.


Please save the date for our 75th Anniversary Shape the World Celebration!

Thursday, October 24th – Friday, October 25th

in Washington, DC,

More details to come!


Double Your Gift…  Double Your Impact

Supporting Johns Hopkins SAIS has never been more important. And now, supporting the school has never been more far-reaching—thanks to a generous group of donors who have committed matching funds toward a variety of giving opportunities.



Join Us

Through a yearlong series of 75th Anniversary Celebratory Events we hope to reconnect and reinvigorate alumni in supporting the school’s mission; while celebrating its significance, its intellectual impact – past and future, illustrious alumni, and impressive supporters.

There are several opportunities for alumni to get involved and support these efforts:
  • Gather friends and fellow alumni and host a 75th Anniversary event in your community,
  • Reconnect with the school and attend programming of interest,
  • Serve on the planning committee for the 75th Anniversary Celebratory Weekend,
  • Volunteer to become a member of the 10th, 25th and 50th Alumni Reunion Weekend Class Committees – Class of 2009, Class of 1994, or Class of 1969.


Interested in helping promote 75th celebration activities in your area?
Learn more about becoming a Global Advisor

Interested in being a part of the planning for the 75th Anniversary Celebratory Weekend in Washington, DC?
Learn more about the Steering Committee

Interested in planning the 10th (Class of 2009), 25th (Class of 1994), and 50th (Class of 1969) Alumni Class Reunion Weekend?
Learn more about the Class Committees


To learn more about any of these opportunities, please sign up below and a representative from the Development and Alumni Relations office will contact you. Thank you for your interest and support, we look forward to working with you!


Honor Roll

Board of Advisors 75th Working Group

Lee Kempler ’91
Joanne Leedom-Ackerman Krieger MA ’69
Joseph Lipscomb ’91
Elizabeth Madigan Jost ’98
Vice Chair
Sarah O’Hagan ’86
Sean Ryan ’93
Michael White ’76

75th Anniversary Steering Committee

Kitty Harvey ’11
Logistics Chair
Tracy Horton ’13
Eric Jaffe, ’07
Jennifer Lind ’92
Katherine Maloney,’02
Sean Ryan ’93
Lorena Valente ’16
Bonnie Wilson

75th Anniversary Global Advisors

Jennifer Cano B’89, ’90
Charles Chang ’96
Sibyl Chen B’03, ’04
Stephen Chien ’06
Bruce Comer ’94
David Frey ’95, N’11
Jesse Friedlander ’02
Cindy Greene B’99, ’99
Jonathan Halpern JHU ’10, ’13, PhD ’13
Jerome Ingenhoff B’11, ’12
David Karl B’88, ’89
Anne LeBourgeois ’80
Sam Lee ’13
Kate Maloney ’02
Valerie Gadala-Maria ’13
Alix Murphy B’11, ’12
Rory Phimister ’98
Geetha Rao ’98
Kayla Renz ’16
Arthur Rubin ’92
Antonio Timoner Salva B’10, ’11


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